Welcome to our event planning and management services, your ultimate choice for all kinds of professional or personal functions. If you’re looking at creating an event plan, co-ordinating events, creating event itinerary, managing vendors, managing issues and risks and execution of any kind of event flawlessly, start to finish, then you can entrust all your worries to our company and enjoy a memorable event in your life.

We organize and plan your wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, showers, corporate event, or any occasion which requires a highly professional touch and to ensure things go the way you’ve planned.

From accommodations and invitations, to entertainment and décor, we’ll customize your event with a wide range of services also in a cost efficient way. Our staff will act as a consultant too, listen to your needs and will guild you through proper etiquette, intricate details, many difficult decisions and help you to avoid disappointing and costly mistakes. We will provide as little or as much guidance as required,

We will provide all kinds of services, including catering services, rentals, invitations, entertainment, facility tours, promotional gifts, souvenirs, product displays. promotional videos.

Our event planning and management services is a UK-based event planning company designed with your personal and professional event in mind! We cater to individuals, businesses, estate agents and organizations in the UK areas. We plan and organize all kinds of events including-

1. Personal Events

(Traditional Jewish, Lavish Indian, Beautiful Outdoor, Estate Weddings, Romantic Chuppahs, Elegant Head Tables etc.)
-Galas and Award Ceremonies

2.Corporate Events

-Conventions and Conferences
-Business meetings
-All Kinds of Promotional Events

3. Community events

4. Fundraisers

We are experienced in funraising events for charities and business.

5. Insurance

We will help you put the insurance in place that you need. Making sure you insure the keyperson in the event is something you can get here www.mykeymaninsurance.com